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Cross-cultural competence is not developed through osmosis but through a process of purposeful cross-cultural reflection and dialogue. Cultural Detective participants identify and explore a culture using key values as "clues" to solve cross-cultural "incidents" or mysteries and develop practical strategies for enhancing intercultural collaboration. The method develops three competencies :

- Subjective Culture : the ability to understand ourselves as amalgams of diverse personal and cultural influences such as age, ethnicity, family, gender, nationality, professional training, sexual orientation, and spiritual tradition
Cultural Literacy : the desire and skills to better understand others as unique yet culturally influenced individuals, and to more accurately interpret their intentions
- Cultural Bridge : the motivation and competence to leverage differences for mutual satisfaction and organizational and community welfare

Participants realize they all have a role in intercultural effectiveness, and that strategies involve systemic as well as individual approaches.

Participants learn :

- That how we behave is motivated by values, beliefs, and "cultural sense" that are often outside our conscious
- Both the norms of a culture as well as the diversity of its people and approaches
- Which values, personal characteristics and cultural affiliations tend to take precedence under what
- That behavior in any culture is situational not stereotypical
- Best practices for honoring and using all of the human assets of a community or organization

What our clients say about it :
"The Cultural Detective is the most popular element of the intercultural programs we deliver globally. This tool makes it easier for employees to understand actions and behaviors of colleagues in other countries, and how their own values and assumptions impact their intercultural relationships. The simplicity is what makes it so useful."

The Cultural Detective method has been used on a proprietary basis by major corporations in Africa, The Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific with resounding success for thirteen years.

Anyone working with people from other cultures, face-to-face or virtually, will find Cultural Detective to be a valuable learning tool. Trainers, individuals, teams, or learning groups will appreciate its many benefits.

- High-quality, state-of-the-art content and accelerated learning design
- Enjoyable and practical with real-life case studies
- Builds individual and organizational competence
- Develops shared vocabulary and mental models for managing diversity
- Useful for ongoing, independent team effectiveness

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